My name is Liad (Lee-yad- means eternity) I was born and raised in Israel. Upon completing my service in the Israeli army I decided to take a trip to the US. My intentions were for only a two month summer vacation. As fate would have it I met my husband the very first day I landed in Los Angeles. This “two months summer vacation” turned to be my life journey, marrying an amazing man, my back bone, partner, and the father of our two beautiful children.

As far back as I can recall my memories almost always included a camera. I have pursued many paths through the years. Whether it was interior design or jewelry designs my camera was always part of the action. This artistic and creative passion began to really develop when I start to point my lens at little tiny insects and flowers. Through this Macro photography I realized how to find both meditation and invigoration simultaneously. That was it. I was hooked. Now I look to shoot everything I can. People, animals, events, nature, you name it. I must admit I am a bit obsessed but I cannot help that both my spirit and ambition are fully realized through the lens.

I hope you like what you see.

Thank you for visiting,